1. Accommodation at the log cabin is only for guests who have pre-booked and who have valid proof of identity.
  2. Use of the log cabin is allowed for people who are not affected by infectious diseases.
  3. Guests are required to follow a strict ban on entry to the rooms in shoes and wear slippers inside of the building.
  4. Guests are not allowed to take sports equipment into the room and other items for which custody is reserved for   another place.
  5. The guest can use the log cabin for the time agreed with the log cabin’s owner or his representative. Check-out is at 10:00 am, if it hasn’t been agreed for a different time. The guests have to contact the owner or his representative in advance and agree a time, when they hand over the keys. The log cabin’s owner or representative will also check the house and electricity consumption and return the bond. In the case that the electricity consumption is exceeded, or in case of damaged equipment in the house, this is taken into account.
  6. On the day of arrival check-in is from 2 pm to 6 pm, if it hasn’t been agreed for a different time.  It is necessary to contact the log cabin’s owner or his representative for handing over the keys.
  7. For accommodation and related services the guest has to pay the price in accordance with the valid price of accommodation. You can find the price list on our website.
  8. Origin of the contractual relationship between the customer and the provider of accommodation arises on the basis of the order (written, electronic). Based on the order the owner reserves the term for the customer for a period of a maximum of 7 days. During this time you must pay a deposit of 50% of the rental price. By paying the deposit, the customer confirms that he agrese with the service and the price (all prices listed on the website) and the cancellation fee. By paying the deposit the customer agrees with the aforementioned. Without the advance payment it is not possible to accept the order and 7 days after the reservation the order will be cancelled. The remaining part of the price it is necessary to convert the account of the landlord at least 20 days prior to arrival.
  9. Cancellation Policy - the customer has the right at any time before the beginning of the stay, without notice, to withdraw their reservation. Cancellation is only possible in written or electronic form. The customer is obliged to pay the following cancellation fees:

More than 31 days before arrival - 50% deposit

31-0 days before arrival - 100% deposit

  1. A recreation fee is paid by the guests according to the price list established by decree of the village.
  2. Before your stay you are required to pay a bond of 100 euros which is fully refundable provided that the accomodaton is tidy and undamaged after completion of your stay.
  3. Guests must keep the log cabin clean and after their stay empty the garbage and hand over washed dishes, linen and tidy the house.
  4. The guests are obliged to respect the nearby residents by keeping noise down to a minimum from 10:00 pm to 7:00 am.
  5. Dogs (small breeds) and other pets can be kept in the log cabin only with the consent of the owner or his representative. Large breeds of dogs and other pets are completely forbidden. By request, the owner of a pet is obliged to prove  its good health by a valid vaccination certificate
  • It is not allowed to keep animals in the house unattended
  • pets musn’t  lie on the beds, sofas and chairs
  • you not wash your pet in the shower, sinks or bath
  • It is forbidden to feed your pets from dishes used by guests
  • the person accompanying the pet is responsible for respecting the nearby residents at night (from 10:00 pm to 7:00 am)
  • liability for damage caused by pets will be charged to the owner of the pet
  1. It is forbidden to move furniture or equipment in the rooms, make repairs or interfere with any mains installations, without the permission of the owner..
  2. It is prohibited to use an electric convector to dry clothing and footwear, because of the risk of burns and fire.
  3. It is not allowed to use your own electrical appliances except shavers, hairdryers and chargers for mobile phones and laptops. When guests are leaving the cabin they are obliged to check water taps, turn off the lights, turn off the power to appliances not used. It is neccesary to set the electric thermostat to position 2 and close the windows. Guests are obliged to carefully handle energy consumption.
  4. In case of loss of keys, guests are obliged to report without delay to the owner. In this case, the guest pays a fee of CZK 300.
  5. Guests are obliged to always lock the main entrance of the log cabin and the entrance to the storage room of the house.
  6. Smoking and open fires are prohibited in all areas of the log cabin - except in the fireplace in the living room.
  7. For security reasons it is not allowed to leave children under 10 years of age without adult supervision in rooms and other common areas of the house. Parents are responsible for their children's safety in all areas of the house.
  8. Damages to the property caused by the guests are in accordance with applicable regulations.
  9. You can only arrive to Jette log cabin by motor vehicles along the access road and park in the specified locations.
  10. Complaints by guests and any suggestions for improvment should be directed to the owner or his representative.
  11. Guests staying at the log cabin are obliged to follow the accommodation rules. If they break the rules, the owner has the right to finish the contractual relationship with them immediately without compensation.
  12. Entry to the surrounding land, houses, grassed land and driveway are at your own risk.
  13. In winter guests are obliged to be careful when they are moving around the building in case of danger of falling snow, ice or icicles. Vehicles must be parked where falling snow and icicles cannot damage them.
  14. The customer has the right to be properly informed of any conditions concerning his stay and have the chance to use all of the ordered and paid services.

We try to make a family atmosphere in the log cabin, because we want to contribute to your happy, satisfactory and restful stay.

We hope you will enjoy your stay!