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we would like to offer you the opportunity to rent our modern log cabin which is located in the beautiful area of Podkrkonoší on the edge of Český ráj. The log cabin was built in 2006 and is located in a complex of log cabins which has been very sensitively built by Dutch investors.

The entire complex of 27 log cabins is located on the hillside west of the small village Stupná, facing south with spectacular views of the breathtaking nature with many opportunities to enjoy the surrounding area.

You can see some pictures on our webside in the gallery, but it is best to visit the log house personally.

The log cabin is suitable for one or two families with children in summer and winter, or a group of friends or even for a romantic holiday.

Tips for trips:

The Baroque Church of St. Mary Magdalene built in the early 18th century, which stands alone on a flat hill and surrounded by meadows halfway between magnificent local landmarks Stupna Village and Pecka Castle.

Green tourist trail mark will get you to the church, leading your from above mentioned Pecka Castle directly to Stupne. Next to the church is ancient cemetery.

The church was built by the Carthusians from Valdice between the years of 1717-1719 by architect V. Heldt. Furthermore, in 1893, the ceiling was rebuilt into nowadays form. The building is a single-nave church with a semicircular presbytery without additional decoration and with low rectangular windows. Dilapidated plaster slowly fall off. The presbytery has a barrel vault with reed ceiling in the nave. The church is decorated with an altar dated from the 19th century and with other Baroque decoration of the 18th century.
   Kostel Mari Magdaleny Stupna

Pecka Castle is a ruin of a castle from the 14th century, located above the eponymous township. The castle is named after the hill on which it stands, from which, in its turn, comes the name of whole township.

Pecka Castle guided tour of the includes a tour around the total of seven rooms, torture chambers and dungeons below and in the renovated Harant Palace. Expositions in the first and second floor are focuses on the history of the castle, the life and work of the most famous owner of Pecka Castle, traveler writer and composer Kryštof Harant from Polzice and Bezdruzice. Exposition is also focused more generally on the Renaissance period and early Baroque period. One room is dedicated to the exposition of life artifacts related to rural commoners living through ages at the Pecka foothills.

In July and August, the castle is holding occasional fencing and theater performances.


Novopacky Falls  (a.k.a.  Sýkornice Falls) is a set of waterfalls which are 4 m high (Upper Novopacký waterfall) and 8 m high (Lower Novopacký waterfall) and are part of the Natural Park of Sýkornice. Except for spring season, the waterfalls are often suffering from water shortage. Falls are located on the right inflow Zlatnice River.


Ski Resort Máchovka is within easy reach of the cottage and is usually maintained in very good conditions for all kinds of winter sports. In 9 km distance there is a smaller Ski Resort  in Nova Paka - Máchovka. Within easy reach are also the large famous Ski Centers Giant Mountains (Krkonoše) - Benecko (24 km), Herlíkovice (25km) Spindleruv Mlyn (35km) and others.


Forest Kingdom Dam When you say the a Dam, many people probably will think of a huge ugly gray concrete monster whose basic function is to retain water. But not so at the dam called the Forest Kingdom. This dam perfectly combines the technical solution with the aesthetics of the building. It was built between 1910-1919 on the Elbe. Construction idea was based on an effort to prevent catastrophic floods like the one in the 1897. The dam is equipped with historical state of the art hydroelectric power generator, two horizontal Francis turbine sets with an output of 2120kW.

   les kralovstvi 

Dvur Kralove Zoo is focused on African animals - this specialization was set up by former director Josef Vagner in the 60s of the 20th century, who subsequently organized several expeditions to African Safari and brought in ZOO a number of animals, especially ungulates (giraffes, zebras, antelopes, rhinos, etc.). And thus the importance of ZOO already in the 70s exceeded the boundaries of what was then Czechoslovakia.  Since 1989, it runs a regular Small Bus Safari Tour. As from 2011 this route can be also taken even in visitors´ own cars. The ZOO is also a gallery of paintings by Zdeněk Burian, Czech illustrator famous for his prehistoric motifs.    ZOODvurKralove

Prachovské Rocks are in fact sort of sandstone town. Through open upland terraces you can take advantage of viewing the whole of Czech Paradise at your fingertips. Great sports fans will also find various climbing opportunities. Nature is rich in a variety of rare animals - e.g. eagle owl, various species of bats, woodpeckers and many more.


Happy Children's Resort  is the country's largest natural entertainment area for children. Lots of children's programs, concerts, zoos, game elements, conquering the Trosky castle, animation, dance, songs, art workshops. More on www.stastnazeme.cz


Dětenice Castle  is mainly of guided tours through history of brewery (excursions), but also a stylish medieval tavern. You are served by medieval costumed staff, eat great food and participate in a program where there is a punishment of sinners (often you), medieval fights, demonstrations of snake charmers, dancers and witches. Language of staff is medieval style explicit so the question often asked is e.g. whether you want coffee with or without shit, meaning soluble or Turkish, and you need to respond quickly :-) More on www.krcmadetenice.cz