Accommodation at the log cabin Jette:
•    Accommodation for 10 people (comfortable number is 8 people) in 4 separated bedrooms (2x2, 1x3,1x 1 + bunk bed for two children + cot), bathroom, 2 toilets. The log cabin has two floors:
•    On the ground floor there is a kitchen with living room with tiled fireplace, toilet, entrance porch and utility room
•    On the first floor there are four bedrooms, a bathroom with shower, bath, toilet, washing machine and double sink, utility room
•    The kitchen is fully equipped with all appliances (refrigerator, microwave, electric cooker with ceramic hob, electric oven with extracter), coffee maker and kettle
•    In the living room is a sofa, chairs, coffee table, large dining table with chairs for 6 people, TV with satellite receiver, tiled fireplace
•    The facility includes a lounge with a storage room (separate entrance from the terrace), where outdoor furniture and a BBQ grill is stored. You can keep here your mountain bikes (enough space for 10 bikes), there is also enough room to keep a pram or other things
•    The land around the house is spacious (2,200 square meters) on a gentle slope. Around the house is a spacious terrace made of stone, so you can sit there with your family
•    Parking facility is for 8 cars (parking behind each other)
•    Heating is provided by electric heaters and a wood fireplace. Hot water is provided by two electric heaters (ground floor and first floor)
•    Self-catering in the fully equipped kitchen

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Accommodation at the log cabin Jette: